Inuyasha Pornography Story: Confessions

Inuyasha Pornography Story: Confessions

Our story begins with Inuyasha and the gang in a fight with several
of Naraku’s demons…

“Look out Inuyasha!” screamed Kagome as she shot one of her sacred
arrows, which he just barely had time to avoid. The arrow flew on, and
destroyed the demon behind him.

“HEY, WATCH IT! I could have been killed!” Inuyasha said angrily.

“Well pay attention! You were about to get your head chopped off!”
said Kagome aiming her bow once again. She struck many demons, which
immediately fell to the ground.

“Heraikotsu!” screamed Sango as she threw her weapon, striking
several enemies in the air. Inuyasha unsheathed his sword and unleashed
it’s most deadly attack.

“Wind scar!!!” Inuyasha screamed as he thrust his sword, creating a
mighty wave of pure energy, slaughtering all of the demons in its path.

“What a battle, we barely got out of there with our lives!” said
Sango, obviously exhausted.

“Yeah, I’m beat, we should find a place to rest for the night.”
Kagome chimed in.

“Man! You humans are unbelievable, that little fight got you all so
tired out?” Inuyasha growled.

“Well we can’t all be like you Inuyasha, as humans we are just
naturally more needy than you are.” said Miroku.

“Yeah Inuyasha, don’t be so insensitive!” said Kagome.

“Maybe you can keep this up, but we are tired, we have to rest.” said

“I can’t believe all of you. But I guess there is nothing I can do,
it is 3 against one” Inuyasha said.

“I noticed a nice hot spring near this river, we can rest there, and
I can get all cleaned up!” said Kagome happily. Inuyasha gave a sigh,
and simply nodded as they walked down to the river and set up camp.
Inuyasha caught them all some fish, which they were all very happy to
eat, after such a tiring battle.

“Boy, that was delicious!” said Kagome, patting her stomach.

“It sure was!” they all chimed in. Inuyasha let out a tired yawn.

“I think I am going to turn in for the night, will you all be ok
without me?” asked Inuyasha.

“Sure, I am just going to the hot springs to get cleaned up, I am
filthy!” said Kagome.

“Whatever…” Inuyasha retorted, and went off to take a nap in a far
off tree. With this Kagome grabbed her bath supplies and went to the hot
springs. No sooner than she began to undress did she hear a rustling in
the bushes.

“Come out of there Miroku!” Kagome screamed as she threw a bar of
soap into the bushes, barely missing Sango.

“Wait! It’s just me, I decided to come accompany you in the bath if
you don’t mind?” said Sango defensively.

“Oh, I’m sorry Sango, I thought it was that pervert monk again.” said
Kagome, rolling her eyes. Sango gave a gentle laugh and a smile. Kagome
suddenly felt more at ease. She had always been so happy to see Sango
smile. She thought of what good friends they had become, and all that
they had been through together. Sango had always been so kind to her.
She wished she could express her gratitude for all of the things she had
done for her.

“Well, lets get in the bath, while the waters hot!” said Sango,
breaking Kagome from her thoughts. Kagome was about to get undressed as
before she noticed Sango getting nude in the corner of her eye. She had
been wearing a robe, in preparation for the bath. As she slipped it off,
Kagome first noticed her black underwear. She could see that Sango’s
breasts were at least as big as her own, probably larger. Sango began to
work her bra, unclasping it in the back. Kagome could not help but to
stare at her. She had such a beautiful physique, Kagome would have been
jealous if she was not so entranced. Slowly the bra slid down to reveal
Sango’s large breasts, her nipples hard from the cold air. She bent down
to remove her panties as well, Kagome was treated to a nice little peek
at her womanhood, completely bald. Sango began to moan as she lowered
herself into the water.

This excited Kagome even more, Sango seemed so beautiful… She began
to think of kissing her… WHOAH! Kagome interrupted her own thoughts.
Had she actually fallen in love with Sango? She had always thought of
her as a beautiful woman, but she had never thought of her in THAT way.

“Umm, Kagome? Is something wrong, you seem so pensive, are you going
to get in the springs?” ask Sango. Kagome instantly snapped out of her

“Oh, nothings wrong, I was just… thinking…” Kagome said slightly
embarassed, and rather frantic. Now it was Sango’s turn to watch Kagome
undress. Kagome began to unbutton her blouse, revealing a small pink
bra. Sango thought the bra was very cute, and looked very good on her.
She moved down to pull off her green skirt, revealing her matching set
of panties.

“She looks so cute standing there in her underwear…” Sango thought.

“I wish I could tell her how I truly feel about her…” she thought
as Kagome continued undressing. She unclasped her bra in the front, and
let her boobs bounce out, to Sango’s delight. Sango was beggining to get
aroused. Kagome slid off her little panties to reveal a small black
patch of hair, she was not clean shaven, but did not have much pubic

“She must shave it, how cute…” Sango thought. With both of the
girls now thinking of each other, an awkward silence fell upon them.
Sango felt that this may be her chance to reveal her true feelings to

“Umm, Kagome…?” Sango began, unable to find the words.

“Yes Sango?” Kagome said, not really looking at Sango but more at her
breasts. Sango noticed her staring, and this relaxed her a bit.

“I need to tell you something. I have been keeping a secret from you
ever since I met you.” Sango began. This caused Kagome to look up at
her, feeling she knew what she was about to say. But now that Kagome was
looking at her, she was at a loss for words.

“I…that is…. umm…” she was drawing a complete blank, she was
lost in Kagome’s beautiful green eyes by this point. One thought crept
into her mind, she felt she had to kiss her now, or she would never gain
the courage. Kagome, who was also lost in emotion by this point, began
to lean towards the girl that she now realized she loved.

“Ka…go…me…” Sango said right before they fell into the
beautiful kiss. They stood up, never breaking the kiss, and hugged each
other passionately. Sango decided to take a chance, she slipped her
tongue into Kagome’s mouth. This unexpected advance caused Kagome’s eyes
to shoot open momentarily, and she let out a squeal of delight around
Sango’s mouth. She eagerly returned the kiss, both of their tongues
rubbing and massaging each other with great eagerness. They finally had
to break for air, both of them panting.

“I love you Kagome” Sango said happily.

“And I love you Sango…” said Kagome as they sank into another kiss.
While they kissed, they embraced once more, this time Sango moved her
hand down to Kagome’s sensitive entrance. Kagome yelped out in surprise.

“Are you sure… that this is ok Sango?” she managed to get out
between light moans. Sango moved her hand over Kagome’s lips to quiet
her. Kagome immediately lost all sense to fight back, and just followed
Sango’s movements. Sango continued to rub Kagome’s insides with one
finger while they kissed, Kagome began to moan and gasped into Sango’s
mouth, turning her on more. Kagome’s body got hotter and hotter, even
without the hot springs, she felt like she was on fire. Kagome began to
moan louder and louder, she would have screamed if not for Sango’s mouth
over hers. Kagome could feel a pressure building in her thighs. She had
never had an orgasm, but she somehow knew that this must be a sign that
it is coming.

“Sango… I… I…” she managed to say between moans of
uncontrollable pleasure. Sango knew what she needed. She immediately
stopped, to Kagome’s dismay. Sango pulled her into her lap, and began to
pump against her clit, drawing many loud squeals from Kagome. Suddenly
the thought of what she was doing with a woman really hit her, and she
became very embarassed. Her face reddened as she screamed in Sango’s
lap, her climax fast approaching. Sango kissed and licked Kagome’s neck
as she pumped harder and harder. This was the final straw. Kagome began
to wriggle and squirm on Sango’s lap as she screamed in ecstacy. She
arched her back as she came, overwhelmed by the new feelings she was
having. She could feel her hot liquids spilling into the springs below,
even so, her orgasm went on for what seemed like an eternity. As she
began to wind down, her moans slowed, and quieted until her orgasm
finally subsided.

Sango was so aroused by Kagome’s screams of joy, she didn’t say one
word, she turned Kagome around, and laid on her back and begged, tears
in her eyes purely from anticipation.

“Please Kagome… take me now, make love to me!” she practically
screamed. Her request was instantly gratified, as Kagome lowered her
head down to lick and kiss Sango’s breast. Sango gasped in pleasure,
having already been so worked up, this alone gave her great pleasure.

“Wait for one minute” Kagome said, taking Sango’s hand. She led her
out of the springs and over behind some rocks. She laid Sango down, and
continued with the kissing and sucking on her breast. Sango had lost
some tension by now, so Kagome had to do something to get her aroused
again. Suddenly she had an idea, she reached down, and spread Sangos
legs to reveal her clean shaven pussy. Sango gasped as she saw Kagome
lower down to pleasure her internally. Sango was prepared for Kagome’s
tongue inside her, but was slightly surprised and dissapointed when
Kagome began to tease her by kissing and licking around her entrance,
instead of directly on it.

“Please Kagome…no more teasing… I need it now…” said Sango with
slight tears in her eyes. Kagome saw her desperation, and obliged. She
moved on to her sensitive entrance. She shocked Sango by sticking her
tongue in hard, drawing a loud yelp of pleasure from Sango. Kagome began
to lick Sangos womanhood. She licked all around the outer edges, as she
felt Sango getting wetter all the time. Sango began to moan loudly, this
stimulated Kagome so much that she began to moan into her pussy in
return. This drew even more moans from Sango. Kagome finally stumbled
upon Sango’s clit.

The moment her tongue made contact, Sango nearly screamed in
pleasure. Kagome, picking up on this, began to continually flick at her
clit with her tongue. Sango began to scream in uncontrollable passion,
holding Kagome’s head down, trying to draw her deeper inside. Kagome
lick and sucked harder, drawing several loud squeals from Sango. Sango
felt her body tightening, feeling she was near release, she gave Kagome
a devious smile and flipped over so Kagome was under her, her dripping
sex just above her face. She signaled for Kagome to continue her
licking. Kagome nodded, slightly confused as to why Sango had switched

Sango moaned loudly, overcome by pure bliss. She felt pressure
building in her loins, she was about to release. Realizing this, she
held Kagome’s face into her pussy as she arched back and came. Kagome
screamed in her pussy in protest as Sango started to come in her mouth.
Kagome’s face got very red as she felt the hot liquid going down her
throat, as Sango screamed and moved about, enjoying her orgasm
thoroughly. Finally when Sango was finished, Kagome passed her an angry

“Why did you hold my face down? I nearly choked!” Kagome said

“Oh my gosh, I was so lost in the moment, I didn’t even realize I was
doing it, I apologize.” said Sango in an apologetic tone.

“I think you need to be punished…” said Kagome seductively.

“You need to know what it tastes like now.” said Kagome

“Oh no, I cant please…” said Sango in a panic.

“Tell you what, if you taste mine, I will give you another orgasm…”
Kagome bargained.

“Umm….alright…. I guess I owe you.” Sango said, not quite sure if
she was ready for this. Kagome positioned herself above Sango, so they
were both facing each others pussies. Kagome began to lick at Sango’s
pussy, while Sango did the same. They both began to moan into each
others pussies, feeling so naughty to be doing such things. They moaned
into each others womanhood, each moan stimulating the other more,
drawing more moans, it was a beautiful cycle. They began to move into
each others licks, grinded their pussies into each others faces. They
could both taste each other as they got more and more stimulated. They
moaned and squealed into each others bliss, feeling a joy far beyond
anything they had ever felt. The girls began to grind even harder as
they approached climax.

“Aah….AAH!……AAAAHHH!!!” they both screamed, each one
progressively louder than the last. They were approaching their

“Unh….remember…..ugh… our deal Sango…. you have to take
in….ooh…. all of my juices when I come…” said Kagome in between
moans. Sango could not even answer, she continued licking and moaning as
hard as she could. They both approached their climax at the same time.
Sango tried to pull back at the last moment, but Kagome held her there
with her legs. Sango gasped as she felt the hot liquid going down her
throat, she tried to pull back to no avail. She had lost the will to
fight as she screamed into Kagome as she came. Sango screamed loudly as
she swallowed Kagome’s hot juices unwillingly. Finally they both came to
a rest, completely exhausted.

“Tried to go back on our deal did you?” Kagome smirked.

“I thought I was being sneaky too…” Sango said, with all the energy
she had left. They just laid there in each others arms for what seemed
like hours, staring into each other eyes.

“I love you Sango…”

“I love you too Kagome…”

They embraced and shared one final kiss as they drifted off into a
sweet sleep.

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