Inuyasha Pornography Story: One steamy summer

Inuyasha Pornography Story: One steamy summer


A sharp thud is heard over Kagome’s stomping feet. “What the hell?!”
Inuyasha calls behind her, ground into the ground, to no avail. Sango,
Miroku, Shippo and Kirara stand opposite of the direction Kagome’s
stomping off to, with pitying expressions on their faces.

“Inuyasha, I suggest you not mention Kikyo around Kagome anymore.”
Miroku stated intellectually, “The fact that you keep saying you can’t
choose between them is eating at her from the inside out.” Miroku’s gaze
went to the direction of the forest Kagome disappeared into, probably to
return to the well to travel back to her time, once again.

Then his gaze shifted to Sango, who was facing the forest with a
slightly glazed look upon her face. As always, her emotions were masked
by her seemingly emotionlessness but he could easily tell she was
concerned for her friend.

Sango suddenly felt Miroku’s eyes upon her and she turned to look at
him. “I’m going to follow her, I don’t think she’s in the mood to have
Inuyasha stalking her through the trees.”

Suddenly Inuyasha was standing next to her cracking his knuckles, “What
was that?!”

Shippo suddenly jumped up on Miroku’s shoulder piping in, “Yeah, we
don’t want Inuyasha talking to her, or she might never come back!”

Inuyasha suddenly lunged at Shippo and they began running circles around
a sweatdropping Miroku and Sango.

“Hurry, while he’s occupied.” Miroku muttered watching as Inuyasha
picked up Shippo by his tail, bonking him over the head.

While heading towards the forest, Sango turned the Kirara saying, “I’ll
go by myself.”

Kirara looked at Sango, mewed and then trotted back to the others. Sango
started walking towards the forest with a slightly concerned expression.


Meanwhile, Kagome was softly muttering under her breath. “Stupid baka…
doesn’t he care at all about me?… Why do I even bother!” She stopped
stomping and listened to the soft sounds of the forest, letting its
tranquility overtake her. A teardrop slowly slid its way down her cheek.

She was deep enough in the forest now that she felt safely alone. Far
enough away that not even Inuyasha’s sensitive ears could pick out what
she was doing. She slid to the ground dropping her bag and bow and
arrows. Leaning against a tree she closed her eyes.

It had been two weeks since she’d been home, but she didn’t feel like
going back right now. It was the hottest part of summer time and she
wasn’t missing anything important. Right now her time didn’t even seem
important. All she really missed was a comfy bed to sleep in at night.

She wasn’t really mad at Inuyasha for talking with Kikyo again, in truth
she was just overly annoyed by how insensitive he was to her feelings.

Her body went tense suddenly as she heard and twig snap behind her. She
whirled around grabbing her bow and arrows to find a slightly startled
Sango standing behind the tree Kagome was leaning against. Kagome felt
her heart start beating again, seeing her friends face.

“I didn’t mean to surprise you.” Said a timid Sango, “but I was worried
about you and thought you might want to talk.”

Kagome suddenly noticed her tears again and she threw herself in Sango’s
arms, “Oh Sango! I’m so happy you followed me. I’ve been wanting to talk
to you so bad, but Inuyasha and the others haven’t left us to our own
business in what seems like forever.” Kagome pulled away, whipping the
forgotten tears from her face.

“I didn’t know you wanted to talk so bad,” Sango said with a caring
look. She set her Hirakotsu down, sitting on the ground with Kagome. “So
what’s on your mind?” A little smile played on her lips.

Kagome relaxed after seeing Sango’s smile. She closed her eyes and took
a deep breath. Whenever Sango smiled Kagome always felt the
world slip away, automatically smiling herself, feeling her spirits
raise. “I’m not exactly so emotional about Inuyasha right now,” she said
to a somewhat surprised Sango. She explained, “I’ve just been feeling
unloved lately.” Seeing Sango open her mouth ready to protest, she cut
her off, “I know I have all of you who care about me. It’s just that
I’ve been feeling separated from everyone else.”

Sango looked thoughtfully at the younger girl, “Me too.” She looked into
Kagome’s wide eyes, “It’s okay, you didn’t make me think of my village
if that’s what you think.” Kagome blushed and turned away, not knowing
what to say. “But,” Sango continued, “I have been feeling the same way

Kagome slowly lifted her eyes to meet Sango’s. They both leaned against
the tree trunk looking up into the canopy of the trees. Watching as the
light played color games with the lush green leaves. Kagome tilted her
head onto Sango’s shoulder, enjoying the safe feeling she got doing so.
In return Sango softly placed her head over Kagome’s.

After a while the girls separated and stretched lazily.

“I’m so happy we’re finally back near Kadae’s village,” Kagome broke the
silence, “It’ll be nice sleeping separately from the others for once.”

Sango nodded in agreement. “As long as I don’t have to sleep with that
monk eyeing me, I’m happy. By the way,” she said smiling, “Thanks for
scooting closer to me the days he had coped a feel.”

Kagome smiled happily, “No problem, what are friends for.”

With that, both girls got up and started head towards the village,
figuring that’s where the others had gone.


That night Kagome couldn’t help but sense Sango next to her. It took her
a while to fall asleep that night for some reason. At some point during
the night she woke feeling less hot than she had been before. Then she
noticed she had kicked her covers off at some point. It felt nice laying
there in her PJ’s, considering it was mid summer and it was a deathly
hot night.

She turned her sleepy eyes to Sango’s mat noticing she had kicked her
blanket off also. She looked at the small, innocent smile that played
upon Sango’s sleeping lips. Kagome wondered what it would be like to
kiss those lips. Kagome took a sharp breath and she sat up suddenly.

Where the hell did that thought come from!? Now she was wide-awake, her
mind fluttering. She felt her face becoming increasingly hot from a
deep blush. All of a sudden she felt eyes upon her. Looking at the no
longer sleeping Sango, her face became even redder.

Sango looked up at Kagome hesitantly. With sleepy senses she noticed the
embarrassed expression on Kagome’s face and she began to wonder what was
going on. She also noticed how the moons light effects had a pleasuring
effect on Kagome’s features. But that was beside the point.

She closed her eyes, yawned and stretched. Sitting up, she scooted
closer to Kagome, thinking nothing of it. “What’s the matter?” She
asked, half sleepy.

Kagome smiled despite herself. How ironic, usually she was the
sleepy/groggy one. Then she remembered Sango had moved closer and her
mind went blank. All she could do was look deeply into Sango’s eyes.

Sango was starting to worry about her friend, her best friend; she put
her hands on Kagome’s shoulders, holding her at arms length. “Kagome
what’s wrong?”

“I….I…” Kagome stammered, tears brimming eyes. She didn’t understand
what was going over her. She felt as though everything had liquefied
into a pool of warm water when Sango’s hot hands touched her bare
shoulders, only being clad in shorts and a spaghetti strap shirt.

She leaned forward into Sango’s arms, pressing the side of her head
against Sango’s collarbone. She wrapped her arms around Sango’s waist,
breathing heavily and closing her eyes.

Sango cradled Kagome in her arms, enjoying the sensation of feeling
Kagome’s body against her own. All she wore was a large t-shirt Kagome
had given her as her naked legs rubs against Kagome’s. What are these
feelings? And more importantly, why am I not puling back? But something
kept her from moving away, because she knew it was right. She wrapped
her arms around Kagome’s waist and caressed her back.

A minute or two later they pulled away and looked in each other’s eyes.
Kagome could feel Sango’s soft breath upon her cheek they were so close.
She raised her hand and started running her fingers through her friends

Sango closed her eyes and leaned forward. She wanted to kiss Kagome so
bad it hurt. Her heart banged in her chest so hard when Kagome had
leaned against her. She had never felt this way for anyone before, let
alone her best friend.

Kagome closed her eyes too and slowly pressed the back of Sango’s head
in her direction. She had forgotten where she was, and the only thing
she saw or felt now was Sango.

When their lips tenderly meet they both wrapped their arms around each
other, caressing each other’s bodies with gentle abandon. Sango’s tongue
moved across Kagome lips and they began to wage battle with their
tongues. Little by little they began more quick in their movements soon
finding themselves both naked on Kagome’s mat.

When they pulled away, both blushed upon seeing one another’s naked
bodies in the moonlight. Kagome leaned forward and began kissing Sango’s
collarbone, sending shivers up Sango’s spine. She slowly began trailing
her tongue up to kiss and lick Sango’s neck, chin and then her sensitive

Sango quietly moaned as Kagome nibbled on her ear. Subtly, her hand made
contact with Kagome’s lower back. She trailed her fingers along the
skin, noting how Kagome arched it almost purring.

They kissed again, more hungrily this time. Soon Kagome was on her back
with Sango making her way down Kagome’s body. As Sango kissed her neck
she lets her hands fall on Kagome’s breasts slowly kneading them with
her nimble hands.

Kagome started making soft mewling noises when Sango placed her lips
upon her friends budded peak, suckling delicately. She placed her hands
on Sango’s head, pressing her harder against herself.

Sango’s hand now trailed down to Kagome’s slightly separated legs. She
placed her hands over Kagome’s mound, raising her head from her breast,
to look up at her friend.

Kagome gasped as Sango’s index finger started feeling it’s way around
her wet maidenhood. Her fingers were now entwined in Sango’s hair and
she fought back the urge to scream out in pleasure.

By now Sango had left Kagome’s breasts and now down to her mound,
smelled her pleasantly before dipping her tongue in Kagome’s waiting
bliss. Kagome began squirming, raising herself to meet Sango at every
lap of her tongue. Sango was enjoying herself quite a lot when she felt
out a small nub. She flicked her tongue over it, receiving a squeal of
delight from Kagome, and she began to flick her tongue over it at
lightning speed.

Kagome’s eyes rolled to the back of her head. Subconsciously she placed
a pillow over her mouth to muffle her pleasured screams. Her hips were
now bucking to meet Sango’s fast licks. Suddenly she felt something over
taking her, hurtling her into a blazing fire as heat and lust took over
her. She gave a chocked sob of ecstasy as she arched her back.

When Sango felt Kagome’s orgasm subside she began licking slower and
slower until she stopped and lay next to Kagome again, wrapping her arms
around her. She smiled when she saw her friends eyelashes flicker and
kissed her nose. Kagome smiled and relaxed in her friend’s arms.

Sango was about to fall asleep when she felt shy hands make their way
along her sides. Her eyes fluttered open to see Kagome’s face cover hers
as they gave one another a deep loving kiss. Sango sighed as Kagome laid
her on her back and kissed Sango’s earlobe. All Sango could do was lean
her head to the side and flow in all the emotions she was feeling.

Kagome stopped what she was doing, as if thinking. Sango looked at her
with a raised eyebrow. A big smile slowly crept onto Kagome’s face and
she pulled Sango to a sitting position. Kagome laid down and pulled
herself under Sango’s waiting pleasure. Sango now understood what was
going on and she braced herself, knowing this was going to be very
different than anything that she had ever felt before.

Kagome wrapped her arms around Sango’s legs for leverage and she leaned
forward to kiss Sango’s lower lips. Sango’s breathing became deep, but
she had her mouth tightly clamped shut. As Kagome began licking faster,
Sango began rocking her hips back and forth over her friends face. She
was lost in rapture when she felt Kagome’s middle and index fingers
enter her.

Sango began the shudder and she pushed down hard gasping in an earth
shattering orgasm. But Kagome didn’t let down, she licked and sucked her
friend with just as much frenzy as before and within one minute Sango
had come again. The demon huntress fell to Kagome’s side, having lost
all strength.

Kagome stretched herself out next to her friend and stroked her hair,
after pulling a thin blanket over them. Soon they were both asleep in
one another’s arms.

‘How am I going to explain this to Inuyasha tomorrow morning?’ Kagome
thought to her self right before drifting off. ‘He’ll smell her scent al
over me.’ Then she looked at her sleeping friends face and she suddenly
didn’t care anymore about what Inuyasha thought. She was happy and
that’s all that mattered.


Meanwhile, both Miroku and Inuyasha sat against the girls’ door and
stared blankly into the trees of the forest, both in shock of the scene
the just heard.

Miroku had a tingling sensation earlier and sat bolt upright [pervert
senses… tingling LOL ah-hem o_o;;; back to the story!] while Inuyasha
smelled something very… interesting. After the two of them had tied
Shippo up, they sat in front of the door listening. Now they sat there
not knowing weather to bless the moment or curse it, all the while not
daring to look at each other.

Miroku gradually looked Inuyasha’s way and smirked, “At least you have a
back up.”

Inuyasha didn’t move; obviously too stunned to think.

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