Inuyasha Pornography Story: That Time Again

Inuyasha Pornography Story: That Time Again

Inuyasha is sitting in the branches of the Goshinboku thinking about the season he despised, yes it was that time of year again, spring, demons and half demons know it as mating season. At this time, Inuyasha has an overwhelming need to mate, and his target for a mate, none other than our time traveling miko, Kagome.

‘ Damnit! I can’t belive it’s that time again, and Kagome just had to go into heat, I don’t know if I can control myself this time. ‘

His thoughts halted when he caught the stench of wolf, mainly Kouga.

if that bastard lays a finger on my mate, I’ll kill him!!!

Inuyasha locked away his demon side for now and ran off to protect Kagome from that thing named Kouga, after all, for all he knew, Kouga could be here to try to claim his mate. He made it there in time to se Kouga holding Kagome and hear her screams for help.

“PUT HER DOWN YA MANGY WOLF!” Inuyasha roared as he unsheathed his sword, ready for attack.

“Not a chance, mutt face, I’m taking my woman with me and theres nothing you can do to stop me!” He replied as he ran off towards the Wolf Den.

“DAMNIT!!!” With that said, Inuyasha dashed off to Kaede’s hut in serch of the others. Upon arriving he can find that Kaede is out gathering herbs, leaving Sango, Miroku and Shippo behind.

“You guys, we have to go, now!” Inuyasha said in a hurried voice.

“but why do we have to go, and wheres Kagome?” Shippo asked.

“She’s been kidnapped by the mangy wolf, we have to go before he does something to her!” Inuyasha yelled and dashed out the door the others not far behind him.

Four hours later while our group was getting closer to their destination, we’ll see what’s going on at the wolf den.

Kagome was just waking up, having been knocked out on the way there for she hit her head on a rock. She looks up to see wolfs gathering around her with Kouga in the front, stareing right at her.

“So, my mate has woken up now, huh? Then it’s time for the ritual to begin!” Kouga annouced to his wolfs.

“Umm, what ritual, if you don’t mind me asking?” Kagome said in a quiet voice, fearing what the answer would be.

Kouga laughed for a second than replied, “Oh, my Kagome, the mating ritual of course, that will bind us together forever!”

“Forever?!?” She spluttered not wanting to be stuck with him.

“Of course, with people with love as strong as ours, we should be together!” He said as he sat down and straddled Kagome’s stomach, ignoring her cries of protest.

“but Kouga, I don’t love you I love…..” Her sentence was cut off when he forced her mouth to his in a kiss, he pushed his tounge into her mouth, not even noticing that he was being watched.

“GET YOUR FILTHY PAWS OFF MY MATE!!!!” Demon Inuyasha roared as he barged into the den.

Kagome bit Kouga’s tounge causing him to recoil, then she yelled. “Inuyasha, help me please!!!!!!”

Inuyasha cast his gaze over to Kagome, and seeing how helpless his mate was pissed him off even more. He tackled Kouga off Kagome and onto the ground pinning him there as he beat the shit out of him. Kagome, just noticing that Inuyasha had transformed, became even more scared. After Inuyasha was done with Kouga he got up and walked over to Kagome, noticing her scent was laced with fear, frowned as he bent over and picked her up bridal style, and dashed out of the den.

Kagome opens her eyes to find she is in a small cave, wrapped in Inuyasha’s Hiori (sp?) she then notices the set of strong arms encircled around her waist. She turns her head to see a sleeping Inuyasha. Smiling to herself she closes her eyes again and cuddles closer, but gasps when she feels him nuzzeling her neck. Kagome had to bite her lip to keep from moaning, as the scent of arousal hits Inuyasha’s nose he decides to act like he’s asleep for abit longer.

Kagome turns around in his embrace and rubs his ears, just for her to be fliped over on her back gazing into the blood red eyes of Demon Inuyasha.

He chuckles abit and says in a deep voice, “So my bitch wants to play, huh?” He than bucks his hips pushing his groin against her.

She arches her back into him more and moans out load, but what Inuyasha deosn’t know is that he awakened the blood buried deep inside her, for Kagome was a half demon as well, but her mother sealed her hanyou blood deep within her, only to be awakened if she mated with another demon, or half demon. Bright lights surrounded her as she transformed into her true self. When the lights faded, underneath Inuyasha was no longer a blak haired miko, but a half demon with black hair with silver streaks, black dog ears adorning her head, and ice blue eyes piercing into his own.

The new Kagome looksed up at Inuyasha and said, ” Yes Inuyasha, your bitch really wants to play.” as she pulled him down for a passionate kiss. it didn’t really surprise her when he forced his tounge into her mouth, both fighting a batlle for dommanice, but of course Inuyasha won.

He used his claws to ripp through her shirt and bra to get to her breast, he leaned in and started nibbling and licking a trail down her somach when he came to the edge of her skirt. He growled and ripped it off along with her panties, continuing on his way until he reached her core.

He slowly licked her nether lips as she moaned out in sheer pleasure, liking her reaction, he pulled her clit into his mouth sucking on it before he dove his tounge inside her.

“Inu…..ya..sha…” she moaned

She finally reached her peak and came into his awaiting mouth. Inuyasha got up and licked his lips as he quikly shed off his remaining clothes.

In a matter of seconds, Kagome was on her hands and knees in front of Inuyasha.

“Inu..yasha…..please!” She managed to say.

He chuckled to himself and replied, ” What do you want, my bitch, tell me what you want.”

” I…I want.. you in….side ….me….”

“So my bitch wants her alpha’s cock crammed in her tight, wet, dripping hole?” He ask rubbing his dick across her entrance.

Kagome moaned out, “ye…ye….yes”

” I’ll tell ya what I’ll do, I’m gonna shove my dick in your pussy, fuck you hard, and pound my seed in you, you like that bitch?”He questioned

Not trusting her voice she just nodded.With that said, he drove himself to the hilt inside her. She scremed out in pain of her hymen being broken. After a while she got used to his size and ground her hips against his telling him it was ok to move.

He pounded into her hard and fast, felling his release getting close he used one of his hands to play with her clit while the other one play with her breast, and he leaned down over her back close to the juction of her neck and whispered to her, “Cum Kagome, cum all over my cock like a good bitch.

She cried out his name as she went over the edge bringing Inuyasha with her, and at that moment he bit into her neck.They both collasped on the ground next to each other, him still inside her, “You’re my bitch Kagome.”

“Yes….your…bitch….” she said tiredly as she fell into the midst of dreams.

The next morning Inuyasha was the first to wake, during the night he had turned back to normal, he looked down next to him to see himself sheathed in a bitch he had no idea who it was, and worst yet, she had his mate mark on her.

Kagome awoke to the sensation being full, she turned her head to look at Inuyasha to see him looking worried.

“What’s wrong Inuyasha?” she asked, wondering if her regreted last night.

“Who are you and how do you know my name!” he said

Kagome got a sad look on her face and looked to the ground as she mumbled.” I knew you would regret last night, and I’m surprised you don’t know who I am, Oh and by the way, thank you for rescuing me from Kouga.”

“Wait a sec, Kagome?”

“Yeah that’s me.”

How are you a half demon?” He asked her

” I transformed last night, I guess I have been a hanyou my whole life and didn’t know it.” She replied

“Oh, and Inuyasha?”

He looked up at her, ” Yes, Kagome?”

“I love you.”

“I love you to, my bitch.”

With that they shared a kiss, made love again, and then relized Sango and Miroku had found the cave they were in and had been watching them since they started kissing.

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