Inuyasha Pornography Story: An inuyasha story

Inuyasha Pornography Story: An inuyasha story

Kagome tossed her backpack out of the well and climbed out after it. “I’m back!” she beamed as something small and fuzzy attached itself to her.

“I missed you!” wailed a distraught kitsune.

Kagome smiled and patted his head. “I missed you too. Where’s Inu-Yasha?”

The kitsune stopped his wailing to point in a direction. “He’s in a weird mood.”

Kagome nodded. She bent down to go through her pack, taking out two objects. “Stay here, I’ll be right back,” she called over her shoulder, heading in the direction Shippou had pointed.

“Inu-Yasha…” she called when she got to the tree line. She squinted up at all the tree limbs to catch sight of the red robed dog demon. “I’m back, where are you?”

Something landed at her side. She turned to see the half demon staring down at her. “Took you long enough,” he grumbled.

“Oh, don’t be so grumpy,” she smiled at him. “You know I have to go to school.”

“I don’t see why,” he said with a pout.

Kagome could feel the hairs on the back of her neck begin to rise. “What else am I going to do with my life after we finish this quest?” she demanded.

He stared at her for a long moment with a confused look in his eyes. Finally he shrugged and looked away. “We better get going…”

“Wait, I brought something to show you,” she said, forgetting her anger.

He looked at her from the corner of his eyes. “What?”

“These!” she said, lifting up the two dolls she had.

“Dolls?” Inu-Yasha scoffed.

“Not just any dolls. Look at them.” She held them out for his perusal.

He looked closer and looked again. He pointed to one of the dolls. “It has dog ears, like me…”

“That’s because he is you… a doll you,” she said, holding the doll out to the demon.

He took it gingerly, as if he thought it would bite him. He touched the prayer beads with his index finger. “Where did you get them?”

“It was part of my sewing project,” she said with a smile. “I got a good grade,” she beamed. She held out the other doll. “This one is supposed to be me.”

He took the other doll and regarded it thoughtfully. He stared back and forth between the dolls in his hands.

“You can have them if you want,” she said shyly.

He blushed and put them together, face to face and passed them back. “No thanks.”

Tears began to form in her eyes. He gulped. “Fine,” he said, stuffing both of them in the front of his shirt. “I’ll take them, just don’t cry again.”

Late that night when everyone else was asleep, the dog demon pulled the two dolls out of his shirt. They had spent the day crushed against his skin. He reset their hair and clothes carefully, checking to see if the Kagome doll was wearing panties. She was. There were removable. He blushed and smoothed down her skirt. “Oh, Inu-Yasha, you are so big and strong,” he said in a tiny voice.

He smiled and lifted the Inu-Yasha doll. “Why, yes, I am,” he said in a voice deeper than his own voice.

“I don’t know what I would do without you!”

“You’d probably be dead by now…”

“Whatever can I do to repay you?”

“You could give me the jewel.”

“But it’s not done yet. Is there something else… anything else you’ve always desired?”

“Why, yes there is.” The Inu-Yasha doll moved closer to the Kagome doll.

“What would that be?” the Kagome doll asked breathlessly.

The dolls were pushed together so their faces touched. After a few moments of little moans, the Kagome doll turned and moved away. “No, we can’t… We can’t… I have a life on the other side of the well.”

“Stay with me,” the Inu-Yasha doll whispered hoarsely. “Please.”

The dolls came back together, pressed against each other by shaking hands. The half demon dropped them both against his chest and hugged them. He stared down at the girl who slept below his tree. “Please.”

“I’m sorry,” a small voice whispered from below.

Inu-Yasha dropped the dolls into his lap and covered them with his sleeves. “What?”

Below him Kagome sat up. “I’m sorry I forced those dolls on you.”

He hastily grabbed them and jumped out of his tree. “What do you mean?” he asked guiltily.

“You didn’t want them…”

He snorted. “They’re not so bad.” He pulled them out of their hiding place and regarded them.

Kagome reached for the Inu-Yasha doll and he let her take it. “They’re stupid!” she said in a deeper voice for the doll.

Inu-Yasha looked at the doll left in his hands. He sighed and knelt beside her. “No they aren’t. I worked hard on them.” He played Kagome.

“Yes they are. Why would I want a couple of dolls?”

“They’ll help you be less lonely when I run away to the future.”

“Why do you have to run away? Why can’t you stay here where you belong?”

“You just don’t understand, sit!”

Kagome slammed the Inu-Yasha doll to her sleeping bag and held it there, making it give helpless movements. “You bitch!”

“Serves you right. I’m going home to my boyfriend.”

Kagome looked up at the half demon. “But I don’t have a boyfriend.”

Inu-Yasha put the doll in her face and spoke for her. “Well, I don’t care what’s back there, as long as it’s far away from you.”

Kagome wrenched up the Inu-Yasha doll and made it face off with the Kagome doll. “Well good riddance. I hate your guts. You’re a weak, unworthy copy of my first love, anyway and you’ll never be as good as her.”

Inu-Yasha paled. His hand trembled as he held out the Kagome doll. “Well… um… I’m going to take a bath. Don’t you dare watch me, you perverted animal.”

“Who would want to watch an ugly girl like you? The sight of your body makes my stomach turn.”

Inu-Yasha frowned. He reached out an empty hand. “Let me be me now.”

Kagome passed him the Inu-Yasha doll and accepted the other.

Inu-Yasha cleared his throat. “I didn’t mean it,” he spoke for the doll.

“But you always say it.”

“I’m a demon and demons lie.”

“Well, you hurt my feelings.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know I could hurt you like that.”

“Well, you can.”

“You don’t turn my stomach.”

“You really aren’t a pervert.”

“You’re nothing like Kikyou… and she was more of a first friend.”

“A first friend that you wanted to live with and make a family with?”

“If it came to that, yes. But it didn’t work out that way.”

“How did it work out?”

“I’m not sure yet.” He stared at her, momentarily forgetting the doll he was playacting through.

Kagome focused all her energy on the doll in her hands. “But, do I have a role in this?”

He stared at her silently. “Big role,” he finally muttered.

“What role is that?” The doll trembled from the hands that held her.

“Give me the doll,” he said quietly.

Kagome held it out to him.

He took it carefully, delicately rearranging the clothes and hair that had become mussed during the play fight. “You’re mine,” he said softly.

“What?” Kagome breathed.

“You gave me a little you, therefore you’re mine,” he said calmly. He presented the Inu-Yasha to Kagome. She didn’t take it so he took him back.

“But, my role…”

“You’re mine,” his eyes flashed on her. He focused again on the dolls in his hands. “You belong to me… life debt.”

“So what are you going to do with me?”

He blushed. “You owe me your life, not your body… unless you count this one,” he indicated the Kagome doll.

“What are you going to do with her?” she asked, almost playfully.

“Anything I want.”

“Prove it.”

He grinned and pushed them both together for a long kiss.

“I did that too,” Kagome admitted with a blush.

He smiled, feeling hope.

“I envy them,” he said softly.

“So do I,” she replied.

He leaned forward and caught her lips with his in a quick kiss. She looked surprised when he moved away. “What else did you do to them?”

“Well, they were naked together for awhile while I was making clothes.”

He blushed and began stripping the dolls. He glanced at the little extra bit between his doll’s legs. Slowly a smile spread across his face. “You gave me a penis.” The thought of her spending time to make and attach it sent a strange shiver down his spine, awakening the real one. “The proportion is a little off, but…”

“Well, like I know.”

He smiled and turned the doll over to look at its backside. “Nice butt.”

“Hope you don’t have a tail.”

He glanced at her, amused at her attention to detail. “I don’t have a tail.” He carefully undressed the Kagome doll. “You don’t have any features… except a butt.”

“I didn’t want to give you any ideas.”

He snorted and made the dolls kiss again. He pushed the Inu-Yasha doll onto the Kagome doll and made them mate on his lap.

“I did that too,” she admitted with a blush.

He looked up at her in surprise. “You had us mate?”

“Umm… yeah,” she replied nervously.

“Well,” he said, making the dolls mate faster. “Did we have orgasms?” He pushed them together, hard and gave a breathless moan.


He gave her a strange smile, keeping the dolls together. “Why did you mate them?”

She shrugged. “Why did you?”

He shrugged. “You gave my doll the parts. He was open to the idea and she didn’t resist him.”

“If she had?”

“He would have stopped and went away to take care of himself.”

“Take care of himself?” she echoed.

He made the Inu-Yasha doll touch himself.

“Would you do that if I resisted you?”

“If I was in the mood.”

“Have you ever been in the mood?”

“All the time.”


“Kagome, I’m half demon.”

“Are demons always…?”

“The need to mate is always there. Our other desires and passions feed off of that.”

“Have you ever…?”

He stared at her in confusion before understanding. “No… Hell no!”

“But if you and Kikyou…”

“If I lived with her I probably would have to make children.”

“And now?”

He frowned. “I wouldn’t have children with Kikyou.”

“I meant… like the dolls…”

He glanced at the naked dolls in his lap. “Us?”

She nodded.

“You want children?”

“Maybe not yet. I was talking about wanting to mate.”

“When you don’t come out and say it, how am I supposed to know?”

She sighed and rolled her eyes. “Do you want to mate with me?”


“Or in the future.”

“But you’re asking about now, too?”

She nodded.

He stared down at the dolls in his lap, helpless victims of his animal desires. Kagome’s hand rolled his doll off of hers. She took her doll and made it sit beside the other. “Do you want me?” she asked through the doll, making her doll touch his. He watched as the doll hand caressed a representation of his body. It sent shivers down his spine.

He slammed his hand down on everything in his lap, taking Kagome’s hand in his. “Stop!”

She blinked and looked up at him in confusion. “Why?”

“Because if you don’t, I’m going to take you now.”

“Take me?” she echoed.
He stared at her, unsure whether she really was that innocent or playing with him. He felt her hand grip his own. With the other hand he pushed the dolls away and scooted closer to her. He reached behind her head and pulled it to his and into a kiss. His hands shifted to hold her close. He leaned against her, pushing her onto her back. He pulled open the sleeping bag and kicked it out flat. His lips never left hers as he arranged himself on top of her. Her legs opened and he settled between them, taking delight in the feeling of her thighs pressed against his. He reached down and pointed his hardening penis up so it wouldn’t get into a weird position between them as it engorged. He pressed it against her pubic bone. She moaned into the kiss and opened her lips to him. He tasted her hungrily, pushing his hips against hers.
He had to feel her skin. His hands fluttered along her sides, seeking entrance. He found the hem of her skirt and pulled it up. She moaned and writhed under him. He smiled and burrowed a hand between them, tickling at the spot between her legs. She opened them wider, inviting more contact. Her juices flowed and he could smell it. Her scent intoxicated him, making him want more. He reached up and hooked his fingers in the waistband of her panties, pulling them down. She wiggled, trying to help him.
He pressed himself back down on top of her. He could feel her juices wetting the front of his pants. He reached down and rearranged his fully aroused penis so she could feel it beneath the fabric.
She moaned and pumped her hips up against him. He could feel her heat teasing his tip through the wetted fabric. He moaned and pushed it into her. He kissed her tenderly.
Take off… your clothes,” she begged him.
He smiled and untied his pants, pushing them partially down as he opened his jacket and shirt. Her hands ran up his sides and down his spine to his butt. There was a gentle pull. He pushed his penis down between them so he could feel her moist heat against his naked shaft. He wanted to be one with her so much that he could taste it. A little movement on his part and she would be his forever. Did she realize that? He pushed himself against her and she opened her legs wider, trying to help him slip in. Even if she didn’t know, he would and that was fine with him. As long as he had that chance with her… He lifted his hips a little, positioning himself above her entrance. She strained upwards and caught the tip with her heat. He shivered and pushed down… feeling himself surrounded by tight heat.

He touched her barrier and she squirmed beneath him. He had heard about this part. It would hurt her. “I’m sorry. It’s going to hurt.”
She nodded and he pushed himself in with one thrust.
She cried out and pulled his hair.
Easy…” he coaxed. “I’ll wait until you’ve adjusted to me.” He settled himself against her, resting his head on her shoulder.
He took in her scent, so soft and sweet. He felt warm and safe against her. He could feel her arms surround him as her hands massaged his muscles. He purred for her and gently rocked his hips away and back. She gasped and he waited. Her hands found his sensitive ears and massaged. He rolled his head back, feeling a shiver roll down his spine. He moaned and pushed into her again. She moaned in response and he began a slow tempo with his body screaming at him to go faster. He needed her. He needed to feel her touch and know that she took pleasure from him. She writhed beneath him, begging for more. He pushed against her, harder and harder. He wanted this… wanted her, forever. She was his salvation. He grunted and thrust, feeling his orgasm approach. He needed to slow down and allow her time to feel pleasure too. He held it back.

“Inu-Yasha,” she moaned beneath him.

He looked down at her. “Yes?”

“Are you going to orgasm?”

“You don’t want me to?” he grunted, fighting back his crest.

“I just meant… Are you close?”

He rolled his eyes and whimpered. He never wanted anything so badly.

“Because I am…”

He winced, feeling everything crash around him. He pushed himself into her over and over, trying to ride out the sensations he felt in his loins. “Kagome,” he cried, holding her close, feeling his pleasures claim him.

“What is it?”

He opened his eyes and found himself lounging on the tree branch. The sensations began to ebb and he could feel the hot liquid roll down his thigh. “Nothing,” he said, cursing his bad luck. He touched his pants and was disgusted with the stickiness that soaked through.

“Are you OK?”

“I’m fine,” he growled, wiping his hand off on the tree.

“You moaned my name.”

He stared at her in shocked horror. “Must have been dreaming.”

She gave him a strange smile. “What were you dreaming about?”

“That’s none of your business,” he snarled, jumping off the tree branch. “Now if you’ll excuse me…”


“That’s personal. Here, take these,” he said, digging into his shirt with his clean hand and tossing the dolls to her. “I’ll be back for them.”

“Are you sure you’re alright?”

“Gods, yes… Just leave me alone!” he cried, desperately trying to hide his soiled pants and waning erection beneath.

She looked down to his covered crotch. “Did you have an accident?”

“Demons don’t have accidents!” he snarled.

Her eyes got bigger as she put the pieces together. “You had a wet dream.”

“Gods!” he moaned. “You are infuriating!” He turned to stomp away but she caught his arm.

“Hey, wait!” she cried. “You called out my name…”

He made a face. He couldn’t read her expression. It has a strange mixture of hope and fear. “What of it?”

“In your dream… were we?”

He pulled away from her. “I have to go get cleaned up. Don’t follow me… unless you want to see me bathe.”

She looked back at her bedding and the undisturbed kitsune sleeping there. He turned away and stomped through the woods. “Stupid woman,” he grumbled. “Makes me soil myself when I sleep…” He found the river and began to undress.

“You wanted her to follow you,” a little voice said in his head.

“She would never,” he grumbled in reply, but stared off in the direction he had come, longingly. No one was there. He stomped to the water and quickly washed his clothes before slipping into the cold, cleansing stream. “What’s wrong with me?” he asked the stars.

“Nothing,” said a voice outside of his head.

He turned with a start to see her watching him. He looked away and continued his rinse.

“Inu-Yasha… Did you really dream about me?” she asked quietly.

“What of it?” he responded, annoyed.

“Did you enjoy it?” she whispered.

He turned back to her. “What do you think? I woke up with a mess to clean up.”

“Oh… I’m sorry you hated it so much,” she bowed her head in sorrow.

He remembered the argument he they had had in his dream. Did she really think he thought her unappealing? “I didn’t hate it,” he said quietly. He waded out of the water, uncaring that he was naked.

She stared at him. Her eyes, glued to his front, got bigger and she gasped.

“What?” he demanded.

She looked away. “Nothing.”

His ‘nothing’ gave a little twitch.

“What do you want me to say?” he asked quietly. “Why did you follow me?”

“I don’t know,” she shook her head.

“You want to know if I find you desirable enough to be my mate, don’t you?”

She looked up at him with her eyes full of longing and fear.

“If I dream about you, isn’t that proof enough?” he asked, squatting on the stony beach.

She was silent.

He pointed to his wet clothes. “If I have to wash myself in the middle of the night, isn’t that proof enough?”

She stared at him.

“What more do you want from me?” he demanded. He felt very raw and exposed under her gaze.

“Nothing,” she said quietly. She knelt beside him and hugged him close, burying her face in his long hair.

He let her hold him. He could feel his penis come back to life again. She pulled away from the hug and looked him over, noticing his half erection. “You’d better go,” he said quietly.

She nodded and walked away.

He watched her leave and sighed. Maybe one day he would have the nerve to act on his dream… but not yet. There was still too much other stuff left to do.

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