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Kagura like rough hookup with muscle male

Inuyasha Porn Video

Hentai Picture: Kagura like rough hookup with muscle male
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Inuyasha Kagome Story: "One hot summer"


A sharp thud is heard over Kagome’s stomping feet. “What the hell?!”
Inuyasha calls behind her, ground into the ground, to no avail. Sango,
Miroku, Shippo and Kirara stand opposite of the direction Kagome’s
stomping off to, with pitying expressions on their faces.

“Inuyasha, I suggest you not mention Kikyo around Kagome anymore.”
Miroku stated intellectually, “The fact that you keep saying you can’t
choose between them is eating at her from the inside out.” Miroku’s gaze
went to the direction of the forest Kagome disappeared into, probably to
return to the well to travel back to her time, once again.

Then his gaze shifted to Sango, who was facing the forest with a
slightly glazed look upon her face. As always, her emotions were masked
by her seemingly emotionlessness but he could easily tell she was
concerned for her friend.

Sango suddenly felt Miroku’s eyes upon her and she turned to look at
him. “I’m going to follow her, I don’t think she’s in the mood to have
Inuyasha stalking her through the trees.”

Suddenly Inuyasha was standing next to her cracking his knuckles, “What
was that?!”

Shippo suddenly jumped up on Miroku’s shoulder piping in, “Yeah, we
don’t want Inuyasha talking to her, or she might never come back!”

Inuyasha suddenly lunged at Shippo and they began running circles around
a sweatdropping Miroku and Sango.

“Hurry, while he’s occupied.” Miroku muttered watching as Inuyasha
picked up Shippo by his tail, bonking him over the head.

While heading towards the forest, Sango turn Continue reading

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Girls from Inyuyasha having a 4 way by the looks of it,also being naughty.

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